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Bredfield Village Hall Trust
Charity - Village Hall Bredfield, Registered No: 304714

for general Bredfield Village Hall information see Bredfield Village Hall 

The Bredfield Village Hall and Playing Field were established under a Trust Deed in 1949, the responsibility for which is the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC).  Two independent, recreational facilities also occupy parts of the Trust-held area, the Bredfield Tennis Club and Bredfield Bowls Club.  
The current Hall was built primarily with local effort, opening in 1983 and replacing the original wooden building.  Significant refurbishment had been carried out in 2009/10 and new double-glazed windows and doors in the main hall in 2014.

Bredfield Village Hall Management Committee

The Committee comprises a number of people by election, including for some specific posts, also those representing local organisations and specifically co-opted.  The AGM is normally held in April, with a few full Committee meetings during the year. Sub committee meetings are held as appropriate (currently - Social, Refurbishment, Charges).  Elected and co-opted members (2011/12) are:

Chairman    Keith Derham
Secretary    Jane Talbot
Treasurer    David Hepper
Member      Tim Keats, Sarah Rayner, Gina Saunders, Marc Coker
Co-opted    Tony Bence (as Booking Sec. & Caretaker), Paul Cannard
Village Organisations -
Bowls Club: Ann Bradlaugh, Ladies Group: Urda Hurst, Over Sixties: Sheila Woods,
PCC: Nina Nicholson,  Village Shop: Tony Bishop,  Play Area: Catherine Shepherd,  
Tennis Club: Nina Nicholson,  Jubilee Field: Anne Henderson.


BVHMC - AGM Notice/Agenda (6th May 2015)
BVHMC - AGM Minutes (7th May 2014)
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BVHMC - Minutes (17th January 2013)
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BVHMC - AGM Draft Minutes (2nd May 2012)
BVHMC - AGM Notice/Agenda (2nd May 2012)
BVHMC - AGM Draft Minutes (4th May 2011)
BVHMC - Minutes (16th February 2012)
BVHMC - Agenda (16th February 2012)
BVHMC - Minutes (12th October 2011)
BVHMC - AGM Draft Minutes (23rd April 2010)
BVHMC - AGM Agenda (24th April 2010)
BVHMC - AGM Draft Minutes (29th April 2009)



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